Volunteer to help us

Child Contact Centre volunteers can make a very real difference for a significant number of families.

The Muswell Hill Child Contact Centre is always interested in hearing from people who feel they can spare the time to volunteer and support children and parents who come along to sessions.  To enquire about volunteering please download the Volunteers-Form and send it to the following address:

Muswell Hill Child Contact Centre.
c/o Muswell Hill Methodist Church
28, Pages Lane
N10 1PP

Alternatively you can contact us through our contact us page or by telephoning 020 8444 2544.


Child Contact Centre volunteers need to be:

  • discreet
  • impartial
  • caring
  • enthusiastic
  • tolerant
  • reliable
  • cheerful but not artificial
  • assertive but not dominant

in addition, able to:

  • show sensitivity and reassurance to children and adults who may be nervous, worried or upset
  • build relationships while remaining impartial
  • deal with difficult situations when they arise

Volunteers must be prepared to work as part of a team where people exchange information and support one another.  Volunteers must also be willing to attend training sessions, which are arranged a couple of times a year.

Disclosure and Baring checks, (formally called CRB checks), are made for all volunteers.

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