Referrals and Guidelines for Referrers

Referrals can be made through your Solicitor, CAFCASS, or Social Worker.

Before going ahead with your referral it is important that you understand what we offer by viewing the pages of this website, especially the pages headed: ‘Home’, ‘About Us’, and ‘Policy’.

We also need to know about you and your family before we can accept your request to use our Contact Centre. With the help of The National Association of Child Contact Centres, (NACCC), we have prepared a referral form to be completed and submitted to us so that we can assess your needs.

If your solicitor or other professional is helping you then the form below is to be used.

Please ensure that the appropriate forms are accurately and truthfully completed in full. If you do not accurately complete the form then your application may be refused or terminated by our Contact Centre especially if you have withheld any information or behave in a way that breaks our rules.

For Solicitors & Professionals

Our Child Contact Centre is based at Muswell Hill Methodist Church and opens every Saturday between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m except at Christmas and New Year when dates will be published.

Please note that our Child Contact Centre offers supported contact only. Supported contact takes place in a variety of neutral community venues where there are facilities to enable children to develop and maintain positive relationships with non-resident parents and other family members. Supported Child Contact Centres are suitable for families when no significant risk to the child or those around the child has been identified.

A leaflet has been prepared to assist you in preparing an application you can download it by clicking on the button below.

Referrer Guidelines

This form is for Solicitors, CAFCASS, Social Workers or other professionals to use and the completed form should be sent to our Coordinator either by post or by e-mail, details available on our ‘Contact Us’ page. You can download this form by clicking on the button below:

Referral Form for Professionals (MS Word)

Referral Form for Professionals (PDF)


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